And it has been! [4] The five Inuit community governments were formed in 2005 with the signing of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement. He's not from Newfoundland, but his name is Jerry, so I had to include this one. This photo gallery of Saskatchewans ghost towns is absolutely stunning. 2023 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. We are, however, still trying to figure out where the town name Dildo fits in, other than being perfectly hilarious. His ambitions perished along with him onboard the Titanic, but 500 people continue to live happily in the hamlet of Mirror today. This is why, when they rank pages, Google really values commentsand if youre writing on the internet, so should you. Trinity is also home to museums, art galleries, dinner theater programs, whale watching, iceberg spotting, and hiking. This slightly awkward but apt name comes from the fact that the lake has two narrows, and the point where they meet resembles the crotch of a stick. (Also bears the distinction of being the only town in the world with two exclamation points in its name. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump (An actual place where Buffalo were run off a cliff by hunters and where one First Nation hunter met his head-smashy demise), Dead Man's Flats (are you getting the feeling that Alberta has a rough history? Want to Read. Check out 10 national parks every Canadian should visit. Explore more hidden gems of British Columbia. In the mid-20thcentury, it became a popular destination for Jewish families beating a retreat from sweltering Toronto summers. A statue has even been erected in honour of the citys namesakehe stands at the entrance to the town, and locals call him Flinty. The name was particularly fitting given that the community was established so that CPR trains could stop for water near the Moose Jaw river. It is believed that it was during this surveying expedition that Cook gave, for his own amusement and presumably that of his crew, Newfoundland some of its stranger and more amusing place names. It tastes exactly like an oyster: briny and fresh, but with a crunchy consistency. I'm kind of terrified to see them, since I was sweaty and inarticulate the entire time, but I promise to share them nonetheless. This town is located in Gros Morne, one of Canadas most stunning national parks. During my time in Sri Lanka I was taught how to cook on many occasions, and only half the time did my teachers and I share a common language. This community just south of Peterborough was named after the Our Lady of Assumption Church, built in 1950. Others say that it is a reference to the Holy Trinity. After leaving Passau, we sailed into Austria and made our way to the Wachau Valley, an area renowned for apricots and grapes. Legend has it, this community is named after a nearby hill in the shape of a parabolaor, if youre more imaginatively inclined, an eyebrow. It truly gets more and more awesome with every bite. Throughout its long history, Brigus has raised many sea captains, the most famous of which is Robert Bartlett, known as . These Small Towns in France Are Straight Out of a Storybook, 13 Best Cape Cod Hotels, From Falmouth to Provincetown, The Most Beautiful Places in Portugal, From Douro Valley Vineyards to the Islets of the Azores, Exploring France's Enchanting Villages With My Father on a Seine River Cruise, In Northern Canada's Desolation Sound, Salmon Is Everything, 14 Best Airbnbs in Boston, From a Beacon Hill Townhouse to a Charlestown House Boat. Really enjoy these moments with them, because you're not going to see them for a long time; it's just going to be you, your writing partner, and that guy with the glasses who always gets the good corner seat at the coffee shop. Bell Island. Quidi Vidi is a quaint little fishing village located less than a five minute drive from downtown St. John's. Originally called Passage Harbour, the area was later referred to (in a 1706 dispatch by a Major Lloyd concerning a battle between the English and French) as Comby Chance. Bonavista is a beautiful little town on the tip of the Bonavista Peninsula and was once the commercial and economic hub of Newfoundland. Some time has passed since I explored Germany, Austria, and Hungary along the Danube with Viking River Cruises last summer; however, thanks to #culinarytravelweek, hosted by our fellow Saveur-award winning friends at The Funnelogy Channel, I currently dont feel too far away from the experience. May 14, 2022 8:32 PM EDT. If you remember the first Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, youll know where this tiny Saskatchewan village got its name. Will they snort or crack a joke you've heard a thousand times? For more little-known landscaping trivia, check out this roundup of fascinating Canadian geography facts. It is made up of Labrador, the mainland portion of the province, and Newfoundland, the island portion. The name is rumoured to come from the fact that hunters used to use the area to dress animal carcasses. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. On a recent trip to the island, I found myself stopping often to snap . Placentia was settled by Basque sailors in the 1500s, who named it after a Spanish seaport, Plentzia. Next up, our adventures at the dreamy Doctor's Inn. Even just for the jokes alone, it's well worth a visit. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. For Iceland, its those mighty waterfalls. Ok, Francophones are going to be like what's the big deal? There are just over 100 people who call Bacon Cove home, and it seems there are as many origin stories for how this small fishing community got its name. Read the fascinating story of how the Yellowhead Highway helped unite western Canada. This seems unlikely, however, as it would be very unusual to name a place based on something that isn't there, as is implied by the name Witless Bay. Were not sure exactly what situation the military was referring to at the time, but Snafu served as one of two forest fire crew camps in the Yukon in the 50s. Chimney Tickle Check out 10 Canadian road trips everyone should take at least once. It actually refers to the town of the same name in Scotland. Where this Trans-Canada Highway rest-stop got its name isnt especially clear, but considering Gooby was a common last name amongst Newfoundlanders in the 1800s, its possible it was christened by two Goobies themselves. Like the other 20 plus localities in the Province also named Blow Me Down, the exact origin of the name is unknown. dont worry. The story goes that following the captains death his wife packed up the family and returned to their home in Dorsetshire, hence the name change, and the innocent but amusing double entendre. Glorious! It is not known for certain where Quidi Vidi got its name but there are three main theories. Eugene Smith, who left his home of Ireland for Barrie, Ontario, in 1830, named this hamlet after Thomas Moores classic novel, Utopia. Named after the main character in the novel, The Sunless City by J.E. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales. Little Paradise The town was suitably renamed in honour of its fertile farming land, though the name hasnt helped the population much: Fertile currently has zero year-round residents. Upon his return, after completing the survey of the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, he set about surveying the remaining Newfoundland coastline; spending the years from 1763 to 1767 in this endeavour. The most Irish island in the world. This list celebrates towns and cities with names worth a second look, a smile, and a smirk. A Dildo, N.L., man's photo of a phallic iceberg in Newfoundland's Conception Bay was getting laughs across the globe on Saturday. Though the town was actually named after the Roman god of fire, it is now known as the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada. There are many ways to go about choosing a name - their build, adorable faces, or silly little quirks. "From Dildo to Dead Man's Pond: the Stories behind Newfoundland Place Names." Sue Bailey, Canadian Press, February 25, 2015. The text was brief (Buzzfeed-style) and the photos, provided by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourismwere stunning. From the coast of Newfoundland's Come By Chance to the snowy mountains of Yukon's Destruction Bay, these towns possess some of the most unique names in Canada. This list celebrates . If these funny Canadian town names are putting a smile on your face, youll love this roundup of the best Canadian jokes ever. We ordered a hearty portion of baked beans with toutons and molasses. This town is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records for the town with the most exclamation points in its name! 8 Come By Chance, Newfoundland & Labrador As you may have read earlier, I travelled to Sri Lanka this past June as part of World Nomads' Passport and Plate program with Intrepid Travel. Discover 10 of the best things to do in Jasper. Trinity was used as a filming location for The Shipping News and The Grand Seduction. The historian M.F. Not sure if you already know, but Happy Adventure was the flagship of the most prosperous pirate of all-time, Peter Easton. The name supposedly comes from a sailor who saw a large rock from the sea and thought it resembled, well A cows head. Though it is truly the superior condiment, the town was not nmaed after mayonnaise. They are an extension of the living room, a place where people can spend hours reading, writing, meeting, or working. Every August, Brigus welcomes thousands of people to the communitys annual blueberry festival. In Newfoundland, a taxi driver might ask Where ya at? This is where Lord Baltimore founded the Colony of Avalon in 1621 before heading down to Maryland to settle his namesake city. In some cases, economic decline and geographic isolation, combined with heavy-handed government pressure, left locals with no real choice but to move. For me, the feature photo, showing a woman cradling a cup of tea outside a colourful house, was key. Preston-Muddock, which featured a protagonist by the name of Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin. Murphy. [2] Postville is the smallest Inuit community government by population in the province with 188 residents, while Hopedale is the smallest by land area with 2.18km2 (0.84sqmi). It is made up of Labrador, the mainland portion of the province, and Newfoundland, the island portion. It's actually a reference to an Earl of Cardigan. Some say it comes from settlers who bribed Peter Easton (the same pirate responsible for Happy Adventure!) Newfoundland and Labrador is the ninth-most populous province in Canada, with 510,550 residents recorded in the 2021 Canadian Census, and is the seventh-largest in land area, with 358,170 km 2 (138,290 sq mi). A Tamil Lunch, an Education in Chutney + a Video! Whereas many of the articles on this site areshared via social media anywhere from 30 to 300 times, this one broke the internet, with 3.3 thousand Facebook shares (plus more on Twitter), and so many fun comments from peopleall over Canada. but for its relatively small population, the Rock way over-indexes on giggle-worthy town names. Check out 25 essential experiences on Vancouver Island. Today, its a tight-knit village with a population of 422 people. The park doesnt have a monopoly on this moniker, however: over the years, there have been no fewer than 17 different communities in Newfoundland with this name. Legend has it, a local innkeeper always sang Yankee Doodle which went through some sort of strange broken telephone and came out as Punkeydoodle on the other end. Bad Names for Towns: Funny American Place Names. Tait brothers Andy, left, and Magnus, right, completed what they call a 'rude trip' tour of the United Kingdom's most rudely-named towns. Placentia Check out your home province below! Hopefully the name delivered a cautionary message to future motorists. I can't. Ah, thank you Ball brothers, for your giving your seemingly innocuous name to these two waterfalls. The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador is composed of mainland Labrador and the large island of Newfoundland. You're not from some unforgettable Smallville. There are a few legends about how Burnt Corn got its name. New Brunswick is rife with town names originating from Indigenous languages, making their maps endlessly interesting. The coast of both the island and the Labrador Peninsula are lined with islands of various magnitudes. If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then as a travel writer, I have done my job! You . Passau: Cheese Sptzle and Rain. Its name actually comes from the reddish colour of its northern headlands. One of the best things about Newfoundland is finding towns that look like perfectly preserved movie sets; bright-coloured houses and white picket fences dot picturesque harbours, and theres usually at least two freshly-painted wooden churches. Newfies really do have the best sense of humour, and their town names are proof of that. Take a virtual tour of the most famous houses in every province. No one can quite confirm where the most infamous funny Canadian town name actually comes from, but, befitting of Newfoundlands rich folklore, there are countless colourful stories. Too good to be true? Climbers who have been to the top will tell you there's no mystery in the name, as the winds are . The name was changed to Mayo in 1954, inspired not by the condiment, but the county of Mayo in Northern Ireland. Google Analytics cant tell you that Goldie Parsons, who comments from Toronto, is originally from Glovertown, Newfoundland, or thatLynn Rowsell used to know a fishing spot called Old Maams Crack. Some trace it back to a murder at a Bow River dairy farm in 1904. (In case you were wondering, the original Climax owed its curious name to a chewing tobacco company.) Enjoy More Funny Things about Canada on YouTube: So there you have it, my list of strange and odd names of towns and funny city names right here in Canada. Burnt Corn, Alabama. How better to do that than with wine and seafood? After an afternoon exploring the coast, peaking through tunnels, and taking in Brigus beautiful architecture, we needed to refuel, and really considered getting another crisp at the Country Corner. . One evening, a local family Kolitha, Deepthi, Chamodi, and Dilumi hosted me for a cooking lesson and dinner. So go ahead and call these small towns, villages, hamlets, and coves charming and quaint. Blow-me-down Mountain was found on maps drawn by Joseph Gilbert, who surveyed the area before Cook. Harp Shaped Iceberg Near Triton Island, Green Bay/Photo Courtesy of Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism. As the name implies, it specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches. Founded in 1914, Legal owes its name to Emile Legal, the bishop of St. Albert, Alberta. BC Shellfish Festival (Part 2/2): Wine, Wine, Seafood, Seafood, hanging out with geoducks and oyster seeds, BC Shellfish Festival (Part 1/2): Brunch, Geoducks & Oysters. Go ahead and call these Newfoundland towns, villages, and hamlets charming and quaint. There are at least two potential origins for this striking name. As for Dildo and South Dildo did anyone notice that 2 towns nearby are called Hearts Delight and Hearts Content coincidence ? The Country Corners cafe is locally famous for their chowder and blueberry crisp. Though it is agreed that this place was named for someone named Joe Batt, there are two schools of thought as to who this Joe Batt was. Relive the glory days of the railroad with these unique train rides across Canada. trending stories and Happy Adventure In the nearby community of Port Rexton, youll find the Skerwink Trail, which was named one of the top 25 walks in North America and Europe by Travel + Leisure magazine. Its been called Jerrys Nose ever sincewithout the apostrophe, for reasons unknown. Others say that the name comes from the fact that haha was once a synonym for cul-de-sac (a possible reference to Lake Tmiscouata presenting an obstacle to roads). All that really matters is that people from Dildo are known as Dildonians. We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences and savor the journey. This Saskatchewan village was settled by Christ Fugelstad, an immigrant from Climax, Minnesota, who was apparently either terribly homesick or terribly unimaginative. LAnse aux Meadows was surely a stunner of a town around 1000 A.D. when it was North Americas premier Norse settlement. exclusive rewards every day. Another Mi'kmaq translation that orignated from the word, "chegoggins," which means large fish weir. Its considered bad form in travel writing to use phrases like charming, quaint, and hidden gem. Afterward, you can spend the night in one of the restored homes where homemade quilts still cover the beds. Hearts Delight Saskatchewan is cheeky too! This old shipbuilding town is nestled in the boot of Newfoundlands Burin Peninsula. The shop sells many Newfoundland cultural relics, including cookbooks, hand-knit sweaters, and jams. It is not known exactly how the river originally got its name, but it would probably be safe to assume that it was because someone had come upon it by chance. They had no idea how much joy they would be bringing future, immature Canadians. We all know that sex sells even on a family travel site! The community celebrated its centenary in 2017 with an old-fashioned town picnic and Bullarama rodeo. The name of this curious wild-growing herb is a bit of a giveaway. Add these great day trips from Toronto to your itinerary. Gwan by! Blow Me Down can boast high winds, but this is the wettest place in Canada. Jonny Harris is from the adorably-named Pouch Cove, N.L. A few weeks ago, I boarded a tiny but powerful Harbour Air seaplane, and watched as the stunning view of Coastal BC passed below me. If this particular shrub was running rampant throughout the rest of the province, perhaps it would be notable for its absence in this area, but it is not. Newfoundlands got that covered too! Hearts Content Fun fact: During Frances century-long rule in Newfoundland, Plancentia was rechristened Plaisance, and served as the capital from 1627 to 1713. Yep, they have blueberry! Following its heyday in the 30s and 40s, Cheddar emptied out, as Haliburton took off as a popular cottage destination and the roads began to bypass Cheddar. And the town of Tilting, on its little-brother . A combination of excavation work and restoration work allows visitors to get a feel for what the Viking encampment might have looked like. The agreement granted them powers similar to other types of municipal governments in the province such as the establishment of a local government, municipal parks and recreation, public libraries, and public advertising. Vulcan is a town within a county of the same name! Here are more hidden gems of Ontario that are worth exploring. Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site. Immensely walkable, with winding lanes, old homes, and colorful buildings, Brigus has stone walls, lush perennial gardens, and plenty to see and do. Mirror, Alberta. Though the exact origin of some of these place names is known, for many this information has been forever lost to history, and the best we can do is make an educated guess based on legend, folklore, and oral tradition. with pigs; others say it was originally Beacon Cove. Arguably the best explanation, though, is the local legend about a great ship that got caught in a sudden gale, resulting in its cargo of pigs being swept overboard. Funny Newfoundland Place Names: What Made This Post So Popular? Located on the northeast tip of Fogo Island, Joe Batt's arm is the largest of this small island's eleven communities. Celebrate with wine and the friends who cheered you on as you wrote your proposal. It was named by homesteader Alexander Luttrell after the town of Emo in Ireland, which translates from Gaelic as edge of the plain.. Today, the station has been transformed into a bed and breakfast: trains may not be passing through any more, but its still a perfect stopover for tourists en route to the Rocky Mountains. Find outwhy Newfoundland is the kindest province. . And, most importantly, in my opinion, Trinity is home to a small restaurant called Oh My Cheeses. This cliff that is a UNESCO heritage site and home to a museum of Blackfoot culture. Pokemouche. Or spell. Here, you can observe traditional skills and crafts (like ax throwing and yarn spinning) and sit back in a chieftains chair while brandishing a sword. night bird sounds hawaii, thunder lake crivitz wi property for sale, brigham and women's rotator cuff repair protocol,
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